Dear Chem learners,
please become aware of the new studybook devised and compiled by Lidia V. Artamonova, Sen. Lect. of Foreign Languages Department.
Here goes the book blurb:
“This textbook is intended for Master and PhD Chemistry students (B1-C1 level of English proficiency). The instructions of how to write a research a paper in English and the relevant exercises are given. The peculiarities of each section of a paper are presented. The exercises are based on real science materials taken from peer-reviewed journals. The subject area covers a wide scope of different Chemistry domains.”


The first term is almost over. Yet you can go on with your English studies non-stop, 24/7. Who said you cannot do that?
Below you can find some useful links to follow while enjoying your winter holidays.
1. Funny and smart chemists from the University of Nottingham popularize Chemistry by filming their experiments and providing some comments https://www.youtube.com/user/periodicvideos
2. A collection of extremely good and clear tutorials on all possible issues of Chemistry https://chemfiesta.wordpress.com/
3. Some study materials presented in a clear and understandable manner – even for a dummy like me https://chemistryenglish.wordpress.com/
4. A pronunciation guide for learners who want to stick to the American variant of English (as we do not have much time to dwell on phonetics) https://pronunciationcoach.wordpress.com/
5. A good and concise list of chemical elements including their atomic number, mass, and the inventor’s name. Make sure you know them by February – I promise to know them also! http://www.lenntech.com/periodic/name/alphabetic.htm

Hello Chemical World,
find below some valuable materials to read through in order to get acquainted with the lexis of Analytical Chemistry, which is going to be your major throughout the second academic year of your study. Enjoy!
http://chemistry.about.com/od/lectureclassnotes/   – Analytical Chemistry lectures and course notes
http://chemistry.about.com/od/analyticalsoftware/  –  Analytical Chemistry software
http://chemistry.about.com/od/journalspublications/ – Analytical Chemistry journals and publications

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