Brief Conference Reflection

Brief Conference Reflection
Well! We seem to have done a great job – the 1st Spring Conference Take a Gander at Chemistry: Popularize, Experiment, Theorize has brought stunning results. Now we know we can:
- present the papers on any chemical topic under the sun;
- listen to the presentations without falling asleep;
- transform a scientific event into a big holiday.
Prof. Irina A. Kurzina, the conference keynote speaker, managed to inspire the audience. Lect. Liudmila Mitchell praised the high level both of the presentations and the whole venue in general.
All the king’s men – I mean the participants themselves – were able to convey their messages, which concerned not only the aspects included into regular academic syllabus (such as biochemistry or inorganic chemistry) – but also something special (such as Sciences for the masses or experimenting with matter in real life) and profound (such as sophomore / undergraduate / postgraduate assignments).
Let us know their names:
Denis Babenkov
Darya Nagornyak
Irina Popova
Nikolay Radionov
Pavel Timofeev
Maxim Voronin
Tatyana Malinina (‘Best Paper’ nomination winner);
Erika Dudina (‘Second Best Paper’ nomination winner);
Alexander Zorin (‘Third Best Paper’ nomination winner).
A huge thank you to all the people who supported us:
- the Department of Chemistry officials,
- Laboratory of Catalytic Research,
- TSU Institute of Arts and Culture.
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